Aerial view of the Panoramic Grand Hotel by the river

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We are an iconic hotel in the regional history of Puerto Iguazú

Panoramic Grand Hotel is a renowned hotel steeped in the rich heritage and spectacular natural beauty of Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.

Exterior view of the Panoramic Grand Hotel at daytime


We work enthusiastically to offer our clients a connection to history through high-quality service that exceeds their expectations. 


  • To position our Hotel in the minds of our clients as an accommodation with historic and cultural content.
  • To get our internal and external customers to recognize the virtues and benefits of working with us.
  • To know the financial objectives of the company and work together to achieve them.
  • To collaborate in a committed way with the actions carried out by the company in the community and environment.


Código de Ética

The pool area with pool huts at Panoramic Grand during sunset




Ensure the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers, aligned to the highest quality standards and respecting the principles of sustainability, which contribute to improve our social, economic and environmental dimensions.

Ensure compliance with current legislation and voluntary adherence to quality and sustainability programs, implementing a sustainable management system that avoids and reduces the impact of our activities as well as the efficient use of resources and an active social participation in order to improve our community.




Closeup on ladies enjoying coffee in balcony at Panoramic Grand

Sustainable Management System

Our Sustainable Management System is based on articulating our environmental management programs, Quality, Accessibility CSR and to ensure customer satisfaction, the host community, our employees and the environment.  

Sustainable Management Report 


We have the objective of working to reduce the consumption of energy, paper, water and all supplies, materials and services that may negatively affect our environment or the health of our community. As well as transmitting to our guests the culture of sustainability and good environmental practices.

Landscape of Victoria Falls near Panoramic Grand during sunset

Environmental Impact


This Environmental Impact Study is based on the principles established by the Greenest Hotels Sustainability Certification Program, and the contents comply with the requirements, specifications, and sustainability criteria established by the Sustainable Hotel Management Standard.

Sustainable Tourism Code of Conduct


Get to know the Code of Conduct we developed for the local community, for our employees, and for guests who choose to enjoy the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the City of Puerto Iguazú.


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Our implementations

  • Reduction of electrical energy using an LED system. 

  • Green Program to reduce water consumption. 

  • Organic garden. 

  • Re-use of kitchen leftovers to feed pigs. 

  • Responsible Purchasing Policy. 

  • Treatment of organic waste for the generation of compost. 

  • Microbiological control with ozone in rooms. 

  • Waste sorting. 

  • Recreation facilities and contributions to the environment. 

We are committed to the rights of children and adolescents

  • Tourism activity must be sustainable and respect the rights of all children and adolescents. 

  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

  • In the event that the parents or guardians are not present, the responsible adult must have authorization to travel with the minor. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Within the framework of CSR, we make the following contributions to our community: 

  • Sponsorship of School No. 837 of the Barrio Obrero; 

  • Monthly contributions to the SAMIC hospital in Puerto Iguazú; 

  • Contribution to sports entities and support for athletes with disabilities; 

  • Carrying out awareness campaigns and information campaigns for the community. 

Work with us!

We offer you the possibility of developing your potential within one of the hotels of the Grand Hotels Lux chain, in an excellent workplace together with a team of qualified professionals. If you are interested in being part of Panoramic Grand, send us your CV to